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You love to build great stories. You want access to clear, reliable information and facts. You want your articles to engage your reader, enthral her and captivate her attention.

At Meradesh we have been budling a library of clean, indexed, and current data. Data that can be used to study electoral politics, developmental political, and economics and finance. Granular data for the country, states and districts; Parliamentary and assembly elections; International Politics and more.

A Meradesh partnership will help you build stories and data visualizations. Provide ready access to objective data and a team of programmers, statisticians and scientists. We will bring you outside expert level knowledge, single source access and deliver ever increasing capacity.

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Accelerate Storytelling through bold Digital Transformation

Revolutionize the way a newsroom functions. Build your own primary data asset on top of Meradesh, as we integrate multiple upstream providers within your organization's data lake.

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Personalized Services& Capacity Building

At Meradesh Platform, we understand that the one-size-fits- all approach has its limits. Our in-house team of data scientists, statisticians, psephologist and developers can build powerful solutions to your concerns.

We give a lot of attention to building data driven capabilities for our clients. Our approach is to diagnose challenges and prioritise actions that spurs organizations and candidates to exploit data backed insights.

  • ML Models

    Leverage machine learning models to optimize and simplify schedules, plans and resource allocation processes.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Predict future outcomes using historical data combined with statistical modelling, data mining techniques and machine learning.

  • Psychometric Study

    Conduct psychometric studies to better understand voter motivations, psychological bearings and engage effectively.

  • Constituency Management

    Decisive inclusive governance supported by Spatial Decision Support System for India's emerging political leadership.

  • API-first Architecture

    Create custom designed sophisticated ecosystems of applications that are reusable, and extensible to give you inviolable advantage.

  • Cloud based AI Modelling

    Advanced AI Cloud Platform designed to simplify and accelerate making, operating and innovating with AI in any environment.

  • NLP Services

    Leverage our Natural Language Processing services ability to analyze text for performing Sentiment Analysis, Information Extraction, Intent recognition, and Text Categorization.

  • Data Visualisation

    Identify and share real-time trends, outliers, and new insights derived from visuals interpreting large data sets and metrics.

  • Location Intelligence

    Tap the potential for new geographic location points and amass vital insights using our simple APIs.


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