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Recency, Frequency, Value and Engagement


Meradesh.org is a fertile and creative medium that presents data on the Economy and the Polity. The platform brings data to life and counters theatrics and rhetoric with mathematics, statistics and quantitative display of news and information.

Data glut and information overload is contended by designing habit forming interactive visuals that brings reader in, inform them, keep them engaged and provide triggers for them to return.

The Attention Commitment of the reader is gained by graphically implementing the ideals of exformation. The Meradesh Visuals are not part of a story, or a chart accompanying a news article; the visualizations are the story. They also communicate effectively with the reader, hold the person’s attention and put enormous amount of information and understanding.

The visuals tease out hidden patterns and connections and their effective use can usher gradual, slight, imperceptible change in behavior and perception.

By effective use of data analytics, you can discern the glaring difference between attention commitment a publisher is asking of its reader, and that of reader’s need at that moment. We bridge that gap by knowledge compression, by using information design to solve problems of saturation, skepticism and breakdown of trust and reliability.

Our team does the research, quantify information, verify sources, design, deploy on cloud, leverage technical risks and most importantly, significantly reduce the operational cost of building a story with clear narrative, nuance and intention.

Meradesh.org is scalable, customizable and extensible, and may be personalized by news media organizations to design information for a remarkably cogent perspective.
Partner with us for data visualization services or to design your own first party data program.

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