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October 15, 2016
Underneath the Clouds – Part II
January 19, 2017

Underneath the Clouds – Part I

Meradesh’s inconsequential coverage of the Punjab elections begins tomorrow. We hardly have twenty days and we have to follow up on one hundred and seventeen constituencies. A task so monumental that we have decided to not commit ourselves to it at all.

In fact, we are happy playing second rung news reporters here. We are going to copy available information verify it and report to our readers each day. Even that might be a stretch but as lazy re-reporters that we are, we know we have a strong constituency of lazy readers who are seldom interested in breaking news but love a news story broken down by the newbie re-reporters at

Underneath the clouds is a tongue in cheek direct references to the Badals who not only represent the father-son duo of Shiromini Akali Dal, henceforward SAD, but also shitload of other father-son duos the party represent. They are the intemperate of the three major parties that claim to represent the once might people of the state of the Punjab. Because these guys did not know when enough was enough, that they could have all the wealth of the state but were unable to decide what the fuck would you do once you have everything. While they were trying to figure that maneuver for themselves, the elections came knocking.

Aam Aadmi Party, henceforward AAP, is an inexperienced group of promising do-gooders. They manage to win a lot of votes, but have a lot of enemies on social media, called ‘bhakts’, and knowing a few of them myself, those guys can fuck you up. Especially, if you are an ‘Aaptard,’ urban dictionary defines aaptard as an honest person who believes that everybody should live in peace and harmony. One who strives for justice and fights against crime and corruption. Someone who believes in clean politics. But that is garbage, an aaptard is supporter of AAP and may or may not be delusional depending upon the person’s relation with the writer.

The last and frankly the least and also the most deplorable of all three is the Congress party, the incompetents lead by two Sardars who have lost their Sardari and seem to prefer Lil Rajiv’s anus to other available pleasures of life. The writer personally feels that the Congress Part of India is disgusting, deplorable, disgraceful and downright dishonest, but some people disagree and say that they are worse. For the record the three letters representing these dreadful bunch of people is INC.

Now, that we have introduced the three major parties that are fighting to lead the next generation of drug addicted Punjabis. From tomorrow, we shall bring sporadic news and coverage from one of the most exciting elections the state has ever witnessed.

Stay Tuned.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Inquilab Zindabad!

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