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March 21, 2018
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Dilapidated Roads of Phase 8b Pose Threat to Commuters

The stretch/ slip road from Quark City chowk to Phase 8b is dilapidated and damaged.

Phase 8b, Mohali has emerged as an IT and education hub in Mohali. Over 10,000 tax-paying citizens who commute to 8b daily, have to go through bumpy rides just because of the negligence of Mohali Municipal Corporation.

Mohali Municipal Corporation has not repaired this road in past 5-7 years, reason better known to them. These Potholes are so deep that they could pose serious life threat to not only the person behind the wheel but pedestrians as well.

Its connectivity with NH5, airport road has made it one of the heavy traffic areas, which makes the issue even worse. You have to either change the route or drive in a zigzag manner to avoid them but your ride will still be bumpy.

We, being responsible taxpayers must raise our voice and ask the government & Municipal corporation why do we have to risk our lives when we are paying enough to fund road maintenance?

We request the concern authorities to please address the issue and put the revenue generated through taxation to judicial use.

Furthermore, we are also sending email to Mohali Municipal Corporation, and MLA of S.A.S. Nagar, Mohali to pull their attention to the matter.

Source– Pictures of NH5, near Dell Lights, Quark City Chowk, Stretch between Dell Lights to phase 8b, Outside Next Door Café



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