Underneath the Clouds – Part II
January 19, 2017
Chitta Ho Gaya Lahoo II – Kafan Bol Peya
January 21, 2017

Chitta Ho Gaya Lahoo – Gabbar in Chains

There is an inherent pride in being identified as Punjabi. This becomes evident once you come in contact with one. If being called a ‘Bihari’ anywhere in India is a straight sign of disrespect, a Punjabi adjective before a person is a sign of pride. In the annals of popular India, you would have never heard the phrase ‘Bihari beauty’.

And that pride has been an undoing of lots of parents who could not admit to the world and seek help when they discovered that their children were abusing drugs. So, blind were some, a lot of deaths were passed on as heart attacks and normal ailments. It was not in their nature to admit defeat, but nothing breaks a man like a sight of decay his own son.

One day, Jagtar Singh, a truck driver from the village of Bhikiwind, district Taran Taran, had enough. He had stood by while his son had sold everything of value from home. And then one day he tethered his son to the trunk of a tree outside his home. My take is where his buffalos used to be.

This is not the tale I wish to elaborate upon but I must tell you that there are thousands of such fathers. Those who keep silent, those who take action and those who mourn the deaths of their children. Not because of war, not because of disease and certainly not because of poverty.

If there are abundant deaths, there is abundant supply. It is as simple as that.

Do I think Badal Sahab is selling the poison? Perhaps not.
Do I think the fucking captain of Patials will stop the spread? Nope.
And is the persistently drunk Bhagwant Maan is the answer?My guess is as good as yours, but my answer is still in the negative.

drug menace

I am not sure if there is any answer for this suffering of people of the Punjab. I do not know that every fucking one of them is preying upon the people of Punjab.

This is the same land where Porus defeated the world conquering Alexander, and everyone knows the stories of wars of 1965 and 1971. I know my people and I know this land, and I know they would bounce back, and defeat this menace as they had the hoarders, the marauders and countless others who have dared to challenge them.

But this time the enemy is within, the seller, producers, suppliers of drugs are Punjabis themselves.

Next time, I would tell you more about those assholes.

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