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May 7, 2015
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January 18, 2016

To Sallubhai with Love

Before I profess my unconditional love towards you and appreciation towards the best fucking legal team in the sub-continent. I must confess that just like you, I hate poor homeless people. They always make it difficult for stars like you to drive drunk upon a pavement.

And who sleeps on the pavements? The pavements are not for sleeping; a pavement is nothing but a special lane for an SUV. And did not the homeless know that they could have crashed at Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s place? He was homeless too but he never slept on the streets. Can you imagine how ignorant these homeless fucks can get?

I am appalled as you are Salman Bhai. I really am.  I apologize on their behalf, both the dead and the wounded.

And my dear bhai, you know who I hate even worse: The non-homeless poor. I am sure you do too. I see them on their bicycles not giving me space while I try to overtake the middle-class people from the extreme left lane. Sometimes I wish I were as brave and intoxicated as you were when you rammed your car into those poor people. You have set a stellar example for the rich pampered icons such as yourself or Sushmita Sen or Abhijeet or Farah Khan to follow.

Now if I may digress a bit and let my readers know that Bhai needs no license. James bond has a license to kill but he still needs a license to drive. But Bhai can drive without license and Bhai can kill without license. And as the latest judgment have shown, with impunity.

People tend to forget so I remind them that Salman Khan is God, all knowing, all powerful and all loving; God. He is not human but to appeal to the kinder nature of the Indian Judiciary he is trying his best at being human.

Bhai, you have sent the right message to the society you preside upon. It is not the law that matters but lawyers.

Justice is blind, and we the people of India are nothing but cunts and faggots who are fucked over on daily basis by you and your ilk.

And what can we do? Nothing, but bask in your glow. I am going to take all my clothes off and wear nothing but Dollor Baniyan and Relaxo Chappal, mix Revital in my Thumps Up and jerk off to your shirtless figure and wonder why you do not sell underwear.

Perhaps there is none big enough for a colossal dick like you.


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