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April 2, 2018
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April 5, 2018

The world is Turning Hostile to Indian Workers

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Increasingly, the whole world wants to close the doors on Indian tech workers. The U.S. has already tightened the process to award H1-B visas. H1-b visas have fueled the growth of India’s IT companies over more than a decade. Now, it will become difficult to get one with unprecedented scrutiny and zero tolerance for even minor errors.

Earlier in March, the US had announced that it would temporarily suspend the premium processing for the H-1B visa. In fact, Trump government recently has made approval of H-1B visa tougher. Any company will have to make a clarification to prove that its H1-B employee at a third-party worksite had specific and non-qualifying speculative assignments in a specialty occupation.

Along with the US, UK too had revised its immigration laws. In 2016, it announced its new visa rules which set a higher salary threshold for anyone applying under the Tier 2 intra-company transfer (ICT) category. Today, the number of Indian students going U.K. has been going down due to Brexit and protectionist policies.

Recently, the Australian government blocked the subclass 457 visa category for skilled overseas workers. Instead, it had introduced a new temporary skill shortage visa from March 2018. New visa norms are restrictive and would make it difficult for Indians to find work in the country.

The hostile behavior of the developed countries hit hard the Indian parents. But local economic pressures, rising unemployment and cultural issues related to immigrants have led developed countries to tighten visa norms.

Now, Indian IT companies are trying to overcome the visa-related challenges by setting up new centers in the US. Infosys plans to set up four technology and innovation hubs in the US and hire about 10,000 locals there. Wipro has set up a technology center in Plano, Texas, and plans to ramp up its headcount in the American state to 2,000 over the next few years.

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