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March 19, 2018
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March 21, 2018

Rohingya Backers Destabilising the Country’s Demographics

The Indian government charged Rohingya-backers of trying to destabilize India by changing the country’s demographics. Many social activists demanding that these refugees not to be pushed back to Myanmar, but instead should provide with fundamental health and education facilities in their camps.

Former Law Minister Ashwini Kumar contended that the government cannot raise such “bogeys” to undermine human rights and international treaty obligations. Several thousands of Rohingyas, who have been fleeing Myanmar, in the wake of persecution by the country’s Buddhist majority, have already entered India.

The Indian Government is accused of using force to push them back, but it has denied the accusation. The central government denied that BSF was illegally pushing back Rohingya refugees waiting to enter India near the international border with Myanmar.

However, the government said that there was no question of issuing them any identification card or treating them as par with the Sri Lankan Tamils, who were allowed to settle in India. It would not allow anybody without valid visa papers to enter India.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) supported the demand of deportation of illegal migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh, saying their presence in Jammu and Kashmir posed a security threat to the country.

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