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Dilapidated & Accident-prone Phase 8b Slip Road Awaits Immediate Action

Phase 8b industrial area slip road potholes

In our previous blog, we’ve written about the deplorable condition of the slip road that connects Quark City Chowk to Phase 8b, Mohali, but all efforts were in vain.

This stretch from Quark City Chowk to Phase 8 b is full of deep potholes and damaged. It could severely damage any vehicle, and also pose a serious threat to commuters.

Commuters have to drive in a zigzag manner to avoid these potholes, which not only affects others vehicles but also is risky for pedestrians.

Post some vehicle breakdowns, and accidents happened last week on this slip road due to these potholes, Mohali Municipal Corporation yesterday marked individual pothole as a danger zone.

Since the slip road is widely used to enter Phase 8b despite having dangerous potholes, such marking would neither stop commuters from using this road nor help with improving the road quality.

Phase 8b slip road needs immediate repair before things go haywire.

We request Mohali Municipal Corporation to take charge and invest our tax money in right use.

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