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February 15, 2015
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Traditional Rape Culture of India and other conspiracies

First of all a very heartfelt thanks to Richard Dawkins for carrying the white man’s burden further by enlightening us and educating us about the traditional rape culture of India. As we might have noticed, that rape has not been an ill, or crime or sexual assault upon a woman, it is quite simply a tradition in India.

I will give Mr. Dawkins benefit of dementia caused by his old age,perhaps. He is too intelligent a person to say something as simplistic and generic. Water under the bridge as they say, ‘mitti pao’ (pour earth over it) as I do. You see even in expressions, we do not see eye to eye with our western brethren.

I never intended to watch India’s Daughter, but I did, simply because it was there to see and it tried to tell a story of a family who suffers to this day. The sort of suffering you would not wish upon your enemies, not even your in-laws. The loss of one’s child is perhaps the biggest burden a man can carry. And imagine your child gang raped and then hurled on the street to die like a dog that has been run over by an automobile.

I am painting a picture for the fathers and mothers of every girl child in India. I paint a picture because we are indifferent to the sufferings of others. I paint a picture because we have no empathy for our fellow Indian. I paint a picture because we think that this would never happen to us. We would be spared off the sufferings that the common man of this country endures each day. Our loved ones would not die when a mob will go on a rampage.

I paint a picture because Nirbhaya’s parents probably  had as much empathy for their fellow beings before the rape, assault and death of their daughter as much as we have today. Truth be told, we do not give a rat’s ass until it is one of our own drowning in the blood.

But her story had to be told, and retold and taught in our schools. We could in fact do away with couple of chapters about Annie Besant and history of congress party and include a few tales about how barbaric twenty first century Indian male could.

cow's milk or wife's tea

cow’s milk better than wife’s tea

As far as the documentary was concerned it was a poor, feeble attempt and full of absurd commentary. But in parts it was also a reflection of Indian males. I have nary a concern about rapes in the UK or USA or Pakistan whatsoever. I care about the problems and issues that afflict my country: My country that my children will inherit from me. My country that is full of gaping assholes who shower condolences when a girl child is born.

And as far conspiracy theories are concerned regarding defaming the nation, the only other country that talks about that is Pakistan and that is one club of nation we do not want to belong to.

And why do they have to defame us? What is our so-called self espoused greatness about? Education? Healthcare? Cleanliness? Prosperity?

Was the woman not raped? Are women not raped in India?

Statistically enlightened friends of mine would provide me with numbers that we have less rape per capita than the US of A but they would not never talk about the abysmally low conviction rates, and they definitely would not talk about the women who do not come out so as not to taint the family honor.

Family honor in India can be simply defined as what your third cousin’s family thinks of your child, and that is the honor we preserve when we hack our children to death.

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