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February 11, 2015
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March 14, 2015

Promises are like babies; easy to make, hard to deliver

The results came, the people spoke and we have Arvind Kejriwal atop the throne of Delhi once again. The result 67-3 is stuff made of dreams. We do not know what to make of it; neither do any other media organization or Aam Aadmi Party or BJP for that matter. No amount of introspection, analysis or political hindsight can make sense of it. At least this is the line we are going with.

The man who promised the moon.

The man who promised the moon.

Huge Responsibility – Yes

Huge Power – Absolutely Not

The phrase, ‘with huge power, comes huge responsibility’ is being thrown about a lot, mostly by media and the winning party itself. But the facts on the ground are different. The Chief Minister of Delhi is by all means, does not hold much sway in the constituencies that he represents. He might have the mandate of the people but does he have the resources i.e. the constitutional mandate?

And then there is question of money. Where is the money to implement all that he seeks to? Where is the money to build schools, colleges, and health infrastructure and create a police force that would work directly with the citizens of Delhi?

Unlike the previous regimes we expect the Modi Government to cooperate with the Aam Aadmi Party’s government in Delhi. But lack of constitutional provisions should not be held as a crutch. Delhi voter is amongst the smartest voter in the world and with the Chief Minister of Delhi being an erstwhile administrative officer; it would be foolhardy to suggest to the voter when you come asking for votes next time around that you could not keep the promises because of lack of support from the center. Do what you may dear CM, just do not feign ignorance.

Often times in politics it is okay to make promises that one can not keep and reading the AAP manifesto it does seem so, but there is one thing you can not do is tell your voter that you were not aware of the constitutional provisions with regards to Delhi. We are sick of this type of politics. It has been played over and again from our grandfather and now to our kids. So refrain yourself from playing the blame game.

Simply show us what you can do, and people would be kind when they judge you again after five years come election time.


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