The AAP Donor Fiasco and the Modi factor
February 3, 2015
Oh the way the madness lies – part II
February 9, 2015

Oh the way the madness lies – Part I

Not so long ago, BJP was the party with a difference. And up until recently AAP was the party with a difference. The victory in Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 would cost a lot of political capital to the winner.

Aam Adami Party took a massive drubbing in the Lok Sabha Elections of 2015. One might say that the meradesh_3572099087_AAP-logo
short stint at the power got into the heads of Arvind Kejriwal and some might say that whatever got into his head is still there, somewhere. For he is practicing the sort of politics that he fought against, minority appeasement, offering freebies, making tall claims and taller promises. The Indian voter has tried these things for the last sixty years and has received shoddy development, besides poverty, misery and infrastructure that is hardly befitting for a country, that tends to call itself a superpower.

Bharatiya Janata Party on the other hand scored their best electoral performance ever that can be attributed to Narendra bhai’s stellar leadership and congress mis-governance coupled with the fact the then ruling party had buddhu in charge. A victory in Delhi would be at best pyrrhic for the BJP.

BJP has no manifesto and they have refrained from making tall or short promises. They have a stupid meradesh_delhi_election_2015vision document that generalizes development. In fact what they had was an entire army of BJP stalwarts descending upon the city-state and campaigning for an outsider, Kiran Bedi. Kiran Bedi has publically claimed that if she loses the election she would go back to her speaking engagements. Some might call this attitude opportunistic. For a cadre-based party, choosing Kiran Bedi was simply a wrong decision. Even if she becomes the CM, she would have to keep a lot of egos in check and consume a lot of her pride. Even if Kiran Bedi becomes the Chief Minister of Delhi, we @meradesh are not giving her more than 3 years at the helm. Either she will quit or a ‘distinguished’ party member will replace her.

AAP on the other hand has come with a manifesto that is so heavy on promises that we have decided not to upload it, lest it might crash our servers. AAP has decided to promise everything, infrastructure, women security, better schools, cleanliness, orgasms, health services, jobs, plots and houses. They are just stopped sort of pre-marital sex and post-marital bliss.

If AAP loses, Kejriwal will not be going elsewhere, for all his follies, and we did not find many, he is a relentless campaigner and BJP, unknowingly, gave him more attention that he deserves. They took these elections personally and pitted everything against one man, including the Prime Minister of India.

… To be concluded

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