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May 12, 2014
Narela-Delhi Assembly Constituency #1
January 31, 2015

Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections 2015

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Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections 2015 – An Overview

First of all to make it easier all around, we have decided to place Indian National Congress (INC) in others category. This decision has surely been taken based upon the results of the last assembly and parliament election. If things change we would be the first to admit and correct our folly.

The parties
BJP – The winners of Delhi Elections, 2013. They could have been. They should have been.

Delhi Elections 2015

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Bhartiya Janata Party won the maximum number of seats but without a simple majority. Had Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party not played the spoilsport we would have a BJP Chief Minister firmly in the chair and Sheela Dikshit on the opposition bench.

AAP – Aam Aadmi Party – the little people who could
If there is one thing that the ascension of Aam Aadmi party has proven is that we can be the change that we seek. I am not enamored of Kejriwal but I like the fact that there is a decent alternative to BJP. Indian National Congress for all its glorified history has a recent past and a style of governance that can best be described as ‘sordid’.

Others – It is no point arguing in favor of Congress. But we must add that the last two elections were not won by congress but by Shiela Dikshit. Even though it is customary for congress leaders to seek the Mafiosi’s blessing and thank her even for their orgasms, it was her and not the party that should have credited for (mis) appropriately spending the country’s taxes in Delhi.

Though we must mention that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has been under BJP for over a decade. The present state of Delhi, good, bad or so-so, can be directly and indirectly attributed to Indian National Congress and Bhartiye Janta Party.

AAP for their histrionics and electoral victories and defeats have nothing to show for except 49 days of work.

Is that enough for them to claim the side-throne of Delhi or would another Modi wave sweep them over?
Voters will decide Meradesh shall report.
Jai Hind

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