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February 19, 2018
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Why PM Modi is Silent on Communal Rhetoric ?

Narendra Modi is an enigma for most of the people. He cares deeply about how he is perceived. Continuous incidents of violence and polarizing rhetoric by his MPs and supporters stand in the way of realizing his ambition though. Such incidents are not frequent, but very widely reported. Although he does denounce some of the incidents, that’s long after headlines in India and overseas damaged his, his party’s and India’s reputation. So, the question arises here is why Modi doesn’t immediately nip it in the bud by a brief statesman-like statement?

For instance, He did denounce the violence of gau rakshaks in strong language, but by the time he broke his silence, the impression had been created insecurity among Muslims and Dalits. It had put lakhs of jobs in dairy farming and in the leather and meat industries at risk.

In fact, India’s image has been dented. PM Modi should urge gau rakshaks to re-read Savarkar, who wrote the book on Hindutva. Savarkar said- If the cow’s a mother to anybody at all, it’s the bullock. Not the Hindus. If Hindutva is sustained on a cow’s legs, it will come crashing down at the slightest sign of a crisis.”

Recently, the BJP governments in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat have behaved in a cowardly manner over Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film on Padmavat, which was cleared by the Supreme Court and censor board. Although, the irony is that film turned out to be more anti-muslim and pro-Rajput.

In Another incident, Vinay Katiyar, his part leaders diminished that BJP when he said that there is no room for Muslims in India, and Taj Mahal should be demolished because it is built over a Hindu temple.

Modi is a smart Man

So, what should we understand from his silence? One possibility is that since he has not delivered Vikas, jobs and ache din, he now will have to rely on the message of Hindutva to court the silent majority in the middle. Hindutva is a high-risk, unproven strategy among the aspiring youth. He got the landslide victory in 2014, not because of Hindutva but because he persuaded the young with his promise of ‘Vikas’.

Although Achhe din has not get arrived, the economy has begun to improve. The disruption caused by demonetization is over. Soon the GST glitches will also be resolved. People voted Modi for his executional ability based on his success in Gujarat. This will build credibility and improve his chances for 2019.

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