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February 2, 2015
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February 5, 2015

The AAP Donor Fiasco and the Modi factor


Well, for starters the mainstream media is doing their job well. AAP is in a funding mess, and the reason they are in funding mess is because they disclosed their funding. In the current scheme of things BJP would never be in a funding mess also the others (with others we always mean Indian National Congress), if the Delhi voter decide to cast their vote based upon this news, it would expose their hypocrisy as much as affirm the way things are done by our leading parties.

Of all the sources this seems the most credible so far. Click here to follow up on The Hindu.

How our great democracy is funded is and should be a great cause of Meradesh_narendra-modi concern. Today, we have a leader who, at least it seems, does not have to leave some great wealth behind for his kids and grandkids. He is perhaps the most powerful Indian Prime Minister since Indira Gandhi.  It is time he set things right that have plagued India for far too long.

We @meradesh, opine that our Prime Minister should not have come down to campaign for what we have decided to call a glorified Municipality. Our dear leader should not squander his hard-earned political capital.  It would be a pyrrhic victory for the Prime Minister of India and a loss that would reverberate for hours and hours, weeks on end on mainstream media.

In fact, loss in the Delhi Assembly election by BJP would give the others (Indian National Congress) some breathing room. Congress party should not be given the space that is accorded to the party; their voice should be proportionate to their vote-count, which is less than ten percent of the total mandate.

Meradesh_bedi_kejriwalSo far we like the fact that the battle is between BJP and AAP. We are also in favor of power distribution companies getting audited. We would also like that campaign funds be investigated and the books of the parties be opened to the public. If it is public money, the public should know about it.

We are still not sure if AAP would be able to keep the promises that it has made to the public and we would be equally glad if BJP came to power this time.  Our dear leader might goad the municipality to clean up their act. All said and done, Delhi is still a shithole with too much filth all around and it will not be an easy task to unfuck years and years of mismanagement and negligence.

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